Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 15...Tons of Fun!

Wow this week was crazy again! But it was so much fun! On Monday we packed up and cleaned the Hull's apartment. They made sure we got on the right bus and told us we are now their spiritual grandchildren. Then we headed into town to get our groceries and finish up souvenir shopping. So by the time the bus came to get us we had all of weekend bags, groceries for the next week and half, and souvenirs. We looked like we had enough stuff to last us a month!

   Tuesday Emily and I finally got to ride to Mourne Jaune! Montgomery's took us over and let us come on some of their calls and studies. Then in the afternoon we just ate lunch and hung out at their house. Kaysh had to stay home because she got Chikungunya!

   Wednesday Montgomery's took Emily, Mariah, and I to Delices to meet with the congregation for service. It was very nice! I worked with Shelby English and Marlin and Marlene Williams. The Williams just got back from visiting the states to help their families and they found that their home here in Dominica had been robbed. Robberies here are not common and the thieves were caught. However, the justice system is.....well it can be interesting. So they don't know if they will receive compensation for the stolen items. A few days later Marlene dropped her cellphone, went back to get it, and it had already been taken. Now because of family member's declining health they have to return to the states again. And just last night their house was struck by lightning (thunderstorms are also a rarity) and many of their appliances were fried. Amazingly they still plan on coming back to Dominica after handling their family responsibilities. But they would much appreciate prayers from the brothers and sisters!

  So back to Wednesday's events. We returned to La Plaine for some lunch and I enjoyed some upbuilding conversation with the Montgomery's. Then Em rejoined us to go over to the Castle Bruce congregation. What a blessing! The brothers and sisters were so kind to us. They meet in an elementary school. Even though they've been a congregation for about 5, maybe more, years they have never had a Kingdom hall. In fact, before they had a congregation they also had to meet with our congregation, La Roche. That was an hour and a half drive each way! Brothers and sisters all over Dominica still drive long distances to get to meetings and transport is not cheap, trust me. So you also have permission to pray that Jehovah bless the forming of new congregations and building of Kingdom halls in Dominica. Side note: almost every congregation here is DESPERATE for brothers!

   At the meeting we had the opportunity to meet more amazing examples. Two young sisters were visiting from Barbados to help out for a few weeks. They said even compared to Barbados the ministry here is incredible! We also had the opportunity to see two of my favorite people we've meet here, Jeff and Sang Mikel. I finally got to hear their story. They lived in California and just came here to visit. But when they realized the congregation only had 17 publishers they didn't see how they couldn't come back. So they went home and saved for a year before moving to Dominica to live. After two years their savings were dwindling and it appeared as though they would have to return to the states. However, Jehovah blessed them and they were appointed as special pioneers, which allowed them to stay in their assignment! About two months ago someone set their vehicle ablaze completely destroying it. They had saved money for several years to afford that van. And that was how many Bible students got to the meetings. The locals were so upset that this happened and were very afraid that the Mikel's would leave. Sang remarked to me that it never even crossed their minds to leave their assignment. For several weeks they walked from their home to the Kingdom hall, which is in the next village and up a mountain. Although Jehovah has blessed them with temporary transport, their request for a replacement vehicle is currently being processed. And the Prime Minister may be involved in the final decision. So again.....let's all keep them in our prayers.

   Thursday was meeting and there was less than 25 in attendance. Health issues have been affecting many lately. Friday was nice. Emily and I worked together all day. We had a hard time finding people home, but we enjoyed ourselves anyways! Especially because the Flavorite truck went all over and we finally got ice cream!!!! The gas stations have been out for weeks!

   Yesterday was so nice. Some of the friends from the Grand Bay congregation came to visit. Jacelyn Miller (the mom), Jemmique (the daughter), and Dilano (the son). I worked in service with Jacelyn and after a few really nice calls in territory we headed over to my study. It went AMAZING! She understood and accepted everything! And at the end she said that i could come more than once a week! After service Montgomery's had Kaysh and I for lunch with the Miller's. Afterwards we all went to the river to swim. It was super refreshing! Mariah, Kaysh, and I were able to go close to the mouth of the river abs could feel the waves of ocean coming in! Then we finished off the night by eating cake and playing Phase 10!

   And that brings us to today! Meeting in the morning where there were only two brothers so Mariah had to run mics. After a quick lunch, Em and I joined the Montgomery's to go to Roseau North for James' talk out. The hall is in town and is AIR CONDITIONED. I actually wasn't  enjoying the AC as much as I thought I would. It was cold! But the meeting was really nice anyways. It was really nice to meet even more brothers and sisters. So that was my week. And the closer it gets to leaving the more I feel torn between being super excited to come home and being sad to leave this beautiful island.

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