Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week 11, Also CO Week

So Monday started off the week pretty good! I worked with Mariah all day and got to join her on some of her studies. That night Kaysh and I tried to make dinner. But the standards for butchering meat are different here. So the chicken wasn't bled properly and we had to throw out the entire meal before even taking a bite. Pancake mix came in handy! Tuesday was enjoyable. Em and I went to Case O Gowrie by ourselves for a few hours to do her calls. We enjoyed the meeting. The circuit overseer is from Barbados and his wife is from Grenada.

   Wednesday we worked La Plaine as a congregation. I worked with a local sister, Lucy. She is really funny. She told me stories about her grandchildren, her pets, and her late husband. Kaysh, Mariah, Emily and I hosted the CO and his wife for lunch. His name is Paul and she is Marie Jean, the Codrington's. We had a nice meal them went back in service for a few hours until we had to go to the pioneer meeting.

   Thursday was super fun. It was a day off for starters. Which was really nice after our busy week. But meeting was amazing and afterwards Mariah and Em came over for a sleepover!!! We watched a movie but we couldn't stay up late because we had to be up around 6 the next morning. We got to the bus stop at 7:20 Friday morning. Our bus driver was late and also forgot he was supposed to take us to Delices. Well he arranged for another bus to pick us up. That bus didn't come until 9, the time we were supposed to be in Delices by. We still made it for service. Even though it was cold and rainy we enjoyed the morning. Then we went to a local sister's house for lunch since she was housing the CO. Her cooking was excellent and she shared some of her recipes with me!

   Yesterday was also nice. I got to work with one of the younger local sisters. We had a few nice conversations. The Montgomery's hosted the Codrington's. Apparently, on Saturdays when you provide a meal for the CO, you are also supposed to feed everyone who confess for service! It was a lovely lunch. Today was our last day with the Codrington's. Paul gave two outstanding talks. And so concludes my week. It was fun, but very exhausting!

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