Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 13...One More Month

Crazy to think that 3 months have already gone by on this island. We've met so many amazing brothers and sisters, talked to so many honest-hearted ones, and become accustomed to a whole new culture! Last week was pretty fun!

   Monday was a holiday of some sort so everybody was home from work and school. We worked as a group of four girls in the morning. Mariah had two studies with kids who would normally be in school. In the afternoon we walked to Case O Gowrie. Mariah had a call who told us that they had been praying for us because they think more young purple should be like us and study the Bible. After another study we walked home. Kaysh and I were having family worship that night and the power went out! Kaysh had to use a flashlight to see her book. Thankfully, it came back after only 5 mins.

   Tuesday was super fun!!! Em, Kaysh, and I walked about a third of the way to Maurne Jaune and all the way back! It's about four miles away from our village. Emily and Kaysh conducted some very nice Bible studies. On our walk back we messed with some crabs. Then after a quick stop at a black sand beach we went to the Riverside Café, a restaurant owned by some local French people. The juice and dessert was AMAZING!!! Our waitress took magazines and talked with us for awhile. She used to study and said we could visit anytime when she was not working at her home!

   Wednesday we visited James and Nanci before going out because they both got Chickungunya. They could barely walk. So we brought them some bread. After that Emily went with me to some of my studies. Annette was first. I asked her to bring out her copy of the Bible, and to my surprise it was the unrevised New World Translation!!! My other study was in town to get her high blood pressure checked. But i offered her daughter a study, which she accepted!!! That afternoon we walked to La Ronde. Unfortunately, none of our calls were home! However, I did one of Nanci's studies for her on the way home and it went very well!

  Thursday was finally the perfect day to do our wash! And we got ALL OF IT DONE!!!! Other than accomplishing that, we cleaned a little and made lots of food. At meeting Kaysh filled in last minute for a talk, and she did an excellent job!!! Friday we went to the assembly hall. Work there is winding down so there's not much left to do. After that we went to town. Most of it was fun as always, but i drank what I'm pretty sure was the equivalent to espresso and that made me feel horrible! But we did get to witness to a lady at the market who remarked that she could tell we were really sincere. It was very nice.

   Saturday we dropped some groceries off to Montgomery's and then headed for Case O Gowrie. Mariah's study was busy so we walked back to La Plaine for two more of Mariah's studies. In the afternoon Emily and I went to a few of my calls but only found Crystalyn at home. She is always so excited for her studies!!! On my way home a guy made an extremely perverted comment towards me. Jehovah helped me keep my calm though. And then he blessed me by giving me two new calls on some of my very close by neighbors!

   Sunday was full of fun! Meeting was very nice. I wore a madras dress and the local sister's faces lit up. One said: "You are wearing the dress of my people!" It's very important to people that you love and enjoy the culture of the island. After meeting we went home for a few hours to prepare for Thai Night! Kaysh, Emily, Mariah, and I went over to Montgomery's for dinner. Kaysh prepared traditional Pad Thai which was amazing! Mariah made banana rotis, also delicious. And Nanci made a chocolate cake! The whole night was spent laughing, and talking, and playing cards! Afterwards we spent the night at Emily and Mariah's. It was the most fun I've had in awhile!

   This next month is going to fly by for me! We have lots of plans so please excuse me if I'm a few days late with my blog...I will try my best to get it out on time. My love goes out to everyone back home. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!!!

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