Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Dozen Weeks Have Passed!

Okay....I've probably tried to write this about 5 times. I'm having technical difficulties. But my week was interesting. Monday was good! In the morning Mariah, Emily and I worked together. I tried to have my study with Crystalyn but someone came in to tell her that her cousin had died. People here take news of death very well for some reason. I worked with Kaysh and Emily in the afternoon. We met a bunch of our neighbors and we got ice cream.

    Tuesday was a disappointment. I got up early but felt absolutely horrid. So i stayed home. I just felt worse and worse as the day went on. Mariah apparently had all the same symptoms. Kaysh was so nice and took care of me when she got home. Wednesday Mariah went to the health centre and found out our symptoms pointed to Chickungunya. And Thursday I finally started recuperating so I went to meeting. But i was still feeling awful so Emily was nice enough to fill in for my householder part!

   Friday we went to town like always. And I felt better for the most part. But it was fun as always. I especially enjoyed the market and got some gifts for friends this week!!!! And Saturday i finally got to go in service again. I was with Mariah on some of her studies and finally had my study with Crystalyn! I also started two more studies with Mariah's study's sisters!!! Yesterday was also nice. After meeting Emily came over for a girls night!!! So that's my week in a nutshell. Still having lots of fun here but still very excited to come home for international convention!!!

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