Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 14...So Close to the End!

Aww what a week!!!! I'm so sorry I'm so late again! These last few weeks are going to be crazy busy so i might be late writing the rest of my blogs. We are doing exciting things every weekend.

   So last Monday Nanci made a big breakfast for all of us girls! Eggs, potatoes, sausage, grits, fried plantains, juice, and coffee! It was so amazing! Emily and I ended up hanging out there all day. It was a much needed day off. We ended up staying another night at Mariah and Emily's. Mariah was working so the rest of us did makeovers which was fun!

   Tuesday we walked all the way to Mourne Jaune. And it was very, very hot outside. After an hour and a half we made it there. We did a call for Nanci, then went to Em's bedridden study. While walking to the next call Em said, "I just wish someone would give us some fresh juice." We kept going and went to Kaysh's study. Then to a study with two women that Nanci and Emily started. Lastly, we stopped to show a girl a Caleb video. And guess what....? Her mom gave us juice! Jehovah gives us just what we need. On our way back we were so tired so we texted Nanci and when we got back to La Plaine she made us iced coffee and fried plantains! The Montgomery's are always super hospitable.

   Wednesday Em and I headed over to two of my studies. Both ended up being busy. So we walked down a track to a river a local had told us about. We couldn't get to the river because it was overgrown with bush. But a man who had passed through the river asked about what we were doing and ended up giving us a soursop! When i walked past my study's house she seen Emily carrying the soursop and felt bad so she have me one too!!! After a couple more attempts at calls we were exhausted and headed back for lunch. In the afternoon we walked to Case O Gowrie and did some calls and studies.

   On Thursday our landlord, Marvlyn, came down to check out the house to make sure she didn't have to being anything back from England. She was leaving on Saturday for a few months and she gets all her dishes, blankets, etc while she's there to being back with her. She was very impressed with how well we've kept the house. After her inspection we cooked all of our food for the weekend and packed our stuff. We said goodbye to Marvlyn and her daughter drove us down to Mariah and Emily's. We went to meeting and I had a talk with a young girl but Nanci had to sub for her so i had to rewrite the talk during the meeting. So nerve wracking! That night we stayed with Mariah and Emily.

   Friday was awesome. We went into town but got to sleep an hour longer than usual! After picking up a few quick groceries and getting money from the ATM we got on a bus to Portsmouth. The drive was amazing. Every part of this island looks different, yet beautiful in it's own way. We arrived at the Kingdom Hall and were greeted by the Hull's, an older missionary couple who opened up their guest apartment for us to stay in for the weekend. She is full of energy and so nice! She helped us get settled in and talked to us for a bit. Then us four girls went on a tour of the Indian River. They take you by a canoe down the river which is really cool. We saw crabs, iguanas, and birds. We got back to the apartment, which by the way is directly above the Kingdom Hall, and Sis Hull was just leaving to attend a funeral. So we walked downtown and got some ice cream. Portsmouth has a medical college with a lot of foreign students. I forgot that Americans think it's weird if you greet them as you walk past.

   Saturday was an early morning because we went to the local market with Sis Hull. We left at 6:30 am. But the fruits and veggies were so fresh and cheap! This market was 10x better than the one in Roseau. We returned to the apartment to finish getting ready and went down to meet for service. I worked with a local sister named Christine and we had a very successful morning. In the afternoon we walked down to the beach and swam for awhile. There were jellyfish in the water. Not super dangerous ones, but they still stung us. The locals call them "sea ants" because it feels more like fire ants biting you than a jellyfish sting.

  Sunday was also eventful! We went to meeting and had a very nice time. After meeting Sis Hull prepared lunch for us and it was very delicious. Then Br. Thomas came and took us and some others on a small tour of the area. We went to an old fort which was simply beautiful! Then we went to the North peak of the island where you can see the outline of Les Saints, Guadeloupe, and Marie Galante. When we made it back to the apartment, the Hull's had us over and told us all about their life. They have over 100 combined years in full time service. They told us many stories, including ones about how they discovered their love of bacon at Bethel! It was the perfect encouraging final night of our mini vacation!

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