Monday, April 28, 2014

An Experience That Deserves It's Own Post

So this morning we made the long walk over to La Ronde. It was so hot and the walk was very hard. But Jehovah blessed our efforts. I placed a tract with a guy banned Asha and he told me he's baptist but would still love to discuss the Bible sometime. He also invited us to come to his house where he leads a youth group and tell the kids what we believe. After that we left.

   Kaysh and i sat on a bench nearby so i could write the call down. Meanwhile Em and Mariah went to a call and suggested we stay seated until they were done since it was so hot today. The man comes up to us with his Bible and asks to sit. He says "Three young people interested in the Bible. Let's choose a topic." So i told him to pick. He asked why we mentioned Jehovah at his door but never Jesus. After assuring him that we feel Jesus is very important he started discussing the trinity. He allowed us to show him why we don't believe in the trinity from the Bible. He agreed that the Bible is the only absolute truth and that any man can lie. After a few scriptures, he couldn't find the ones he wanted to so he told us he needed a few days and then he wanted a rematch. I told him he should get a piece of paper and write down all the scriptures he felt proved the trinity.
He then brought up being "once saved always saved". But he explained he feels that if u are supposedly "saved" and still do wrong that they were never really saved and deceived themselves. He then told us how he used to do drugs, drink, party, practice fornication, was addicted to porn. He feels he was "born again" in a symbolic sense through his baptism because he completely changed. After that we discussed how our religions are similar in some ways. And how Jehovah's witnesses have to prove the truth to themselves before baptism. We also told him that we don't stick to tradition. How we are willing to adjust our beliefs when we understand new things from the Bible. He respected that and told us that if his religion ever came between him and God he wouldn't be a baptist. I gave him the Bible teach book and told him to look up every scripture, and make notes about what questions he had or what things he disagreed with. He said he would definitely study it!

   At the end of the call he wanted to pray with us but we kindly refused. Then he wanted to know why on that! I told him i would do some research and bring it back within 2 weeks. He protested that it was too long. He gave us his number and said he would even come to our area if necessary. (he lives about a 45 minute walk from us). He was so genuine with his questions and is searching for truth. And i was so thankful to have Kaysh helping me as a service partner. Hopefully I'll have updates soon :)

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