Monday, April 7, 2014

Sorry! Week 3 Blog is Late!

So sorry I didn't post last night. Akayshia and I were at Mariah and Emily's. We had a little sleep over!

   So about our week...Monday was a great service day.  Kaysh had a very nice call to start the morning. Then we walked and did territory all the way to Case O Gowrie. In the morning alone we walked about ten miles!!!! So we went back to Mariah's and fueled up with some lunch and gatorade. We went to one of Mariah's studies in the afternoon. Her daughter Shonda, who also studies with Mariah,  told us that Delani had texted her to make sure we would come to her house next! Delani is the young girl who had looked up our website last week. She was a very good student. St the end she asked something Shonda had told her to ask me. She said "Is heaven and hell real?" Shonda had just asked Mariah that question and was told the answer from the Bible.  How cool is it that two 13 year olds are discussing the bible truths with each other!?

   On Tuesday we hung out for awhile at Mariah's. Then we tried to go to a bible study of Akayshia's. But her study was busy with company.  So following what we now believe was Jehovah's direction, we headed to get ice cream! On our way to the store we greeted a man. He just randomly asked if we were missionaries. We responded "yeah, kinda". So after asking where we are originally from,  he wanted to know if we were here for some big event. We told him no. But explained that the memorial was coming up and invited him. He is a roman Catholic and genuinely wanted to know why we don't commemorate it every week. We explained to the best of our ability. He understood but said,  "but don't you think it's better to show our appreciation once a week or everyday?" Kaysh very nicely compared it to a married couple.  They cherish their relationship everyday but only celebrate once a year. He still liked mass by the end of it. But he was willing for us to stop again! Also, we followed through and got ice cream.

   We did have our tests and trials this week.  Our Internet went out five nights in a row. We had to kill two of which we a-salted.  Ba dum tiss. We found fruit fly maggots in our trash can. And we had many cravings for American food. Thankfully we are now able to creatively entertain ourselves when the Internet is down. The slugs are gross,  but very slow and easy to kill.  The maggots were unable to survive bleach spray.  And we discovered lots of new Dominican snacks that can help us beat the oreo and dorito cravings.

  Friday we usually go to town. But since Mariah was picking Jared and Emily from the airport we didn't wanna go by ourselves. So we went in service all by ourselves for the first time!  It was an amazing day. Kaysh started two bible studies and I started one!!!

  Sunday was also great. We hiked to Victoria Falls.  Absolutely incredible. Also there were 62 people at meeting which is amazing considering that there's only 23 publishers.  There are 16 visitors from England.  It's so nice to have them. So that was my week.  I hope to have plenty more adventures to share.  Maybe I'll get to finally post on Sunday night again!


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  2. So proud of you and happy for the wonderful things you have been able to experience in your service to Jehovah.