Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Already Been 5 Weeks!

This week went by insanely fast! We tried to go in service on Monday before the memorial. But no one else was going and we didn't have any calls that day. So.....we just hung out at Mariah's until lunch time.  Later we headed to the memorial. Our bus was full of studies!!! Many of them were children. We arrived at the kingdom hall early and got nice seats. But, as more people came in we were asked to move. The veranda was also full up. Kaysh and I sat on the stairs with a few others. It rained on us just a bit during the memorial. But we had an umbrella,  and trust me, nothing could've dampened my spirit. We said goodbye to the Brits as well.  I'm sure I'll see them again someday....perhaps soon! On our way home Nanci told us that Good Friday is a huge holiday here and no buses would be running to town and no business would be open. We usually do all our shopping on Friday. So we had to scramble to arrange something.

   Tuesday we thought we were going to town in the morning. But our plans changed unexpectedly. We were able to adjust and went in service instead. I even got to have a study with an older lady who can't read. Kaysh and I read to her. At the end she kissed me and called me "DooDoo". That's Patois for sweetheart.  We also had a lovely visit with the Montgomery's. They always make my day brighter. We called some drivers that night and arranged for a bus to take us to town! Wednesday we just went to town by ourselves for the first time. No big deal. It also marked a month since we left the US. We celebrated with some iced coffee. Thursday was also kind of boring.  Housework, internet issues and doing the wash. The highlight of our day was the meeting. Kaysh and I both got to be terrible service partners on a demo.

   Friday we didn't need to go to town so we went in service!  In the morning we walked to La Ronde. It's 45 minutes away but still part of La Plaine.  We all had pretty good conversations. After the 45 minutes back, we visited with James and Nanci. That afternoon we went out just the two of us.  Kaysh started two more bible studies.

   Saturday we went to Case O Gowrie. Mariah had an awesome study, I got to do Nanci's call for her, and we all enjoyed looking at the ocean for a while.  Kaysh and I came home a little bit early so she could fry some chicken.  The Montgomery's invited us over for chicken and waffles. My first experience with this food combination. Delish! We taught James all about dubstep, watched a movie,  and showed them some line dances! It was so much fun!!!!

   Today I went to meeting.  Poor Kaysh couldn't sleep last night. She stayed home to rest up because the exhaustion was making her sick. Thankfully she slept well while I was gone and felt better. We enjoyed each other's company so much this afternoon. Well, we always do. But today we were super giggly. We got a call from James around 8pm to go see a turtle lay eggs. We walked pretty far down a black sand beach. There was a huge leatherback sea turtle! We watched her lay her eggs and got pictures touching her! There are volunteers who watch over the turtles while they lay eggs so poachers don't slaughter them for meat. Then they take their eggs to a hatchery.  She weighed about 850 lbs, was about 5 ft long and laid 77 eggs! Perfect note to end the week!

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