Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week Four (Almost a Month Now!)

We had a crazy week!!! It started with service. It was nice as always. Kaysh conducted two Bible studies. Monday night James and Nanci Montgomery had the 16 Brits, Jared, Mariah, Emily, Kaysh, Sandy (Nanci's Bible study), and i over for a bbq! It was so encouraging to get to know all those friends better. I talked to one quite extensively about what may turn into my next need-greater trip, Jehovah willing of course. I also found out all the walking and sweating has already shaved about 5lbs off!

  Tuesday we took an "Island Tour" with one of the local bus drivers, Mr Alex (he also drives us to all of our meetings). We went with Jared, Emily, and Mariah. Mr. Alex took us to Freshwater Lake. Unfortunately it was way too cold for swimming. So we to Titou (tee-too) Gorge next. At first we just looked at it from above. Then we realized you were supposed to swim back into the gorge. The only problem was the water is 15ft deep! A French guy who was selling things told us how to navigate it. The water was cold so it took the wind out of you...but we swam it anyways! Oh man! Most amazing thing I've ever done! I got to climb a waterfall then jump off it! We were freezing though so thankfully the next stop was Screws. They have natural hot and cold sulfur pools. It was like a spa. We ended our day at Scottshead where the Caribbean and Atlantic meet. Once again it was beautiful.

   Wednesday wasn't super eventful. We slept in a bit and made pancakes before service. Nanci asked us to conduct one of her studies. Her study was very kind and a good student. Kaysh also got one of her studies home. My study was in the shower though. All in all a good day.

   We went to Emerald Pool Thursday. It was cool, we got to swim under the waterfall. But not long after we got there a ton of tourists arrived. I got to witness to quite a few of the tourists and a couple guides. One of the guides ended up being a sister! When the crowd cleared we had a mini dance party and did the wobble! That night we went to meeting where Kaysh and i both had talks.

  Friday we went to town (as we almost always do on Fridays). We took a bus from town to Champagne. That's where we got to go snorkeling!!! A fish smiled at Kaysh and I! We went back to town for lunch and grocery shopping. But Kaysh got really sick so we had to go home fairly quickly. On the bus i was able to witness to a guy from Guadeloupe.

   We took the day off service yesterday because Kaysh still wasn't feeling great. Nanci and James stopped in and gave us some cane juice to try! It's delicious like drinking liquid sugar! We also cooked a lot yesterday and did our wash. Marvelyn gave us some star fruit! Yummo!

   Today we went to meeting. After meeting we were gonna walk home but the Montgomery's were so kind to us and invited us over for lunch! We had an awesome time talking to them about their spiritual past. And they got to know more about us. They're company is always so encouraging. They're like our awesome aunt and uncle or something. Well tomorrow is memorial. Bet it'll be packed!!!

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