Sunday, May 4, 2014

7 Down 10 To Go!

Well after the experience on Monday we re-motivated ourselves to go in the afternoon. We all had pretty good conversations with people and it was very enjoyable. Tuesday we went back to Morne Joune. Kaysh and I got to work together. Nanci told us that there was a house waaaay back in.  So we walked, and walked, and walked. Until we finally decided that we had walked for at least 15 minutes up a trail that led to nowhere. We still placed a tract with a guy who was weed whacking. He found it quite humorous that we thought there was a house up there and told us that the locals call that area "mount zion". We were tired so we sat down for a bit. We placed several tracts. I visited with my study Crystalyn and she was so happy to see me.

    On Wednesday morning we Em and I went with James to La Roche, Delices. That's where our kingdom hall is. We got to work with some of the local pioneer sisters. That was really nice. And then we did a call in Petite Savanne (sa-von). We didn't get back to La Plaine until 2pm. Thursday was just an average Thursday. Cleaning,  cooking, studying. There were only two brothers at the meeting though. They had to take turns speaking and running mics.

    Friday we went to town. We started by working at the assembly hall. It was very physical work this time,  shoveling and raking a truck load of landscaping stones. I visited with someone who I placed a tract with last week. This time I gave her the magazines.  She was so excited to see them! I also talked to someone who used to study. It was very nice! Saturday we slept in because our backs were so tired from the assembly hall. And our afternoon studies weren't home. Today the visiting speaker had to read the watchtower. And there was no roving mic. Kaysh had a study this afternoon.  And now we are just hanging out!

   Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to share. Hopefully I'll have more stories next week!

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