Sunday, May 11, 2014

8 Weeks....Already!

Monday was the most exciting day this week. We went to Middleham Falls with Br. Gibson. He is from Marigott Congregation and was taking a big group from his hall and offered for us to go with him. The hike was a lot of stairs but was really nice! We even got to pick raspberries on the way up! Once we got to the falls we ate a small packed lunch. I was excited to swim but it was SO COLD!!! But i still went in so i could jump off the rocks on the other side! The water's very deep so it's really safe to jump. Although getting up on the rock was difficult! On the way back home Br Gibson's bus broke down. Because it was a holiday there was no one to fix it and no transport to take us home. So we walked down part way to town and hitchhiked the rest of the way. Hitchhiking is extremely safe here....also it's very fun! Thankfully a sister came all the way to Roseau to pick us up. And Mariah was so kind and fed us traditional Lebanese food!

   The next two days were lovely service days. On Tuesday it was insanely hot outside! But we were able to make a couple nice calls anyways! And Wednesday we were able to work some territory! I got to work with Emily and James. And i got two new calls and James started a study for me. That afternoon we did some calls but we quit early because it was just too hot and i was exhausted.

   Thursday was a boring day. Meeting was nice though. On Friday we worked at the assembly hall. We had a good time shopping. I had juice, ice cream, iced coffee, a chocolate parfait, and more juice. And yesterday I enjoyed service in Delices. Today we went to meeting and the brother gave an excellent talk! Overall it was a good week.

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