Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm Sorry Week 10 is So Late!

   I realize that this is Wednesday not Sunday. I will explain at the end of the blog why I am so late! But for now we'll talk about last Monday. It was kind of a short day. We walked to La Ronde again. We had nice calls there and Em started a bible study. By the time we got back to La Plaine we were all exhausted and just visited with James and Nanci for the rest of the afternoon.  Tuesday we worked in Mourne Joune in the morning. In the afternoon I had my study with Crystalyn. She was talking about how she is sad because she can't read her bible anymore. Also she has been wheelchair bound for 4 years. They do not have transport for handicapped here unless it's the ambulance. So other than going a short distance down the road, she has not been able to leave her house. When I mentioned the possibility of getting the bible on CDs for her she was sooo excited!

    Wednesday morning was super encouraging! Em and I went to a few of my calls in the morning. I started a new study with a woman named Annette. And I conducted my first study with a girl James handed over to me, Cheryl. Two little boys interrupted our study and asked her if she would buy them books like that. So Emily and I each placed a brochure with the boys. They were so excited when we wrote their names at the top. Thursday we did our usual cleaning stuff and then meeting. It always rains on Thursdays. The only day we hang our wash out to dry.

    Friday we got to organize a ton of stuff at the assembly hall. Boxes of miscellaneous nails, screws and metal gadgets. Then we ate pizza in town!  At Pizza Hut!!! That was amazing. Saturday we had a great time working Grand Fond. We worked with a sister who just recently moved back to Dominica. She talked to a 10 year old boy who really wants to explore the sea. This kid was so smart! When the sister asked to read a scripture the boy said "Well, anything that has to do with God is alright with me. " After showing him several scriptures that show how one day we will be able to learn about all the animals without fear of them she asked if he understood. His reply? "My mind is blown, actually." He was so sincere through the whole conversation!

   So Sunday we went to meeting. And afterwards we went to Kaysh's study. She was busy doing her wash, so we offered to come back later. Her little girl said "Don't have them come back later. They can talk with me. " So Kaysh studied with her out of the Good News brochure. She understood everything really well. That evening we went to James and Nanci's for movie night. We had so much fun! When it was time to go home, James walked with us to our house since it was late and people party at night. We got halfway up our driveway and I realized that I forgot our keys. So we had to walk all the way back down and up again. Now,  we live about 15 mins away from the Montgomery's. So by the time we walked and searched for the keys it took about an hour to get home. I completely forgot about my blog because it was already 11pm.

  Please forgive me for the late blog! I'll be sure to write a new one Sunday....probably.

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