Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The First Few Days

Wow!!! The past few days have been jam-packed! We left for the airport Sunday morning. After grabbing a quick lunch, we arrived at DET. Our families cried as they said their goodbyes. Kaysh and I headed to our gate and waited to board. Fairly quickly we were able to get on the plane for Miami. The flight was really nice and it passed really quickly. we grabbed a quick meal and boarded the plane for Puerto Rico. In San Juan we got a hotel room and stayed for the night.

  Yesterday was even crazier! We flew out of PR and landed in Dominica around 2:30 pm. (It's the same time zone here)  We had to go through immigration and customs. Thankfully we were granted visas that will last us all four months! The island is an amazing thing to see. The whole thing is mountains and rivers and winding roads. Sister Tracy English and her daughter Sabrina picked us up and drove us to town. Here Rosseau,  the capital, is just referred to as "town". We got to do some grocery shopping and discovered a few interesting things. 1. You will meet a  lot of brothers and sisters in save-a-lot.  2. Chicken breast are way more expensive than dark meat. 3. Local guys will try to hit on you.

   The English's drove us to our home and we met our landlord,  Marvelyn. She was born here on the island but has lived in England for many years, so she has an English accent. She is so sweet. Since the wifi wouldn't reach our apartment downstairs she let me Skype my family to let them know we were safe from her laptop. We made a small dinner and ate.  Then we got some of our stuff unpacked.  We thought it was midnight by the time we were ready for bed. But it was only 9:30!!! It's completely dark by seven so it really throws you off.

  This morning I woke up thinking we had way overslept. However, the sun rises very early. So it's super bright outside by seven. It wasn't even eight when I woke up. We finished unpacking, ate a small breakfast and cleaned our apartment up. Nancy and James Montgomery stopped in to greet us. They are the sweetest people! Later in the day Shelby English came over to meet us. She is Tracy's other daughter. Mariah Meachum came over around one in the afternoon. The two of them showed us around the village of La Plaine. We were able to get bread from the bakery and some "coconut cheese" from the store. Coconut cheese kind of reminds me of maple candy. Very good!

  Mariah showed us back to her place. For the first time we had real Internet connection!!! So after talking to our families a little bit we visited with Mariah and Shelby. They told us a lot about life on the island. Mariah cooked us a meal and showed us how to get fresh coconut water, cooked some breadfruit,  and plantains. It was all very good.

   Even though there are many things i miss about home, I see Jehovah blessing my efforts to serve him. And the things I've seen here are amazing and I will never forget the beauty and kindness that I have experienced.

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