Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 2

    The past week has gone by so fast! Which is odd because the first week seemed to drag on. We have learned so much though that it seems like we are just locals now. Life is good here. Everyone has really been so kind and helpful. And the brothers and sisters have truly become like family.

   Monday I had a pretty cool service experience. Mariah, Jayde, and I walked over to Case O Gowrie (Cass O Gory). We went to Mariah's study and tried to go to a second one. But the second girl wasn't home. So we took advantage of the time we had to check out the beach. You can't swim in the ocean on this side of the island because the waves are too strong and will pull you right out to sea. But it's very relaxing to just sit and listen to the waves. Someone else was also taking advantage of the peaceful atmosphere and reading. From far away I thought she was reading the Bible. So I decided to give her an invitation to the memorial. Turns out she wasn't reading the Bible, but I gave her the invite anyways. She told me that she believes religion is just created to divide man. She thinks the bible is also just a story that man wrote. But she agreed to let me come visit her. She is the aunt of Mariah's study we didn't find home! I'm interested to see if I can draw her out.

   Wednesday we were walking to a study and a young girl ran up to us. We had previously met her at her grandma's house, who Kaysh calls on. When we we met her she had a tablet so Mariah suggested that she go to So that's why she ran up to us, to let us know she had looked it up! So I offered her a bible study. She seemed a bit hesitant but she agreed.

   Friday is the day we go into town. We have to ride transport to get there, which is usually pretty crowded. As long as you don't get car sick it's a great place to witness. We rode the bus with a woman named Joselle Coffee. Yes her last name is coffee! She had agreed to let me visit last week but since there's no addresses, I couldn't find her house. I explained to her why I hadn't come so she tried telling me again where she lived.

   We were dropped off at the assembly hall so we could do some work there. No one lives at the assembly hall. And missionaries are the only ones who live right by it. So the publishers on the island have to maintain it. The construction job is interesting because there aren't many skilled brothers. So we helped paint and such just to do some small improvements. We got to work with a missionary couple, Robin and Jamie Shaw. They are so humble and honest. They have lived here for almost 15 years!

   On our way home from town us girls are always crazy and giggling because we are tired from the long day. It makes the ride more enjoyable to us, but I'm not sure how the other passengers feel. As we reached La Plaine, Joselle spoke up and asked the driver to show us where she lived so we could visit. It's a good thing because I was really confused. She told me she would be free on Sunday afternoon. I went there today and guess what!? Bible study! So many people are thirsting for the truth.

   I hope everyone back home is well. May Jehovah continue to bless your ministry!  Love you all.

 PS: I apologize because this was supposed to be posted last night but our Internet went out. Welcome to Dominica!

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