Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our First Week!

So I know I posted earlier in the week but I'm going to try to post every Sunday from now on. I'll also post some pictures during the week. I take a lot of pictures here!!!!

    Okay so Wednesday was our first service day here. We got to work some territory. The ministry is very different here. For starters,  you don't knock. You simply call out "good morning", or afternoon depending on the time of day . Second, getting rejected is almost unheard of. The only time you don't have a conversation is when it's a guy who wants an American girlfriend. Also, we don't meet at the kingdom hall. Very few people in our neighborhood have a car and transport is too expensive to go everyday for service.

  So anyway, we started off in territory. We were able to talk to one woman who was very nice. Her name is Agnes. Kaysh will be calling back on her tomorrow hopefully. We also got to sit in on two of Mariah's studies. She is a great teacher and Kaysh and I learned a lot about studying with the locals. We had to cut the service day short though because there was a big celebration at the church for a lady who turned 100 years old.

   Thursday was another service day for us. We hiked all over the village. There's a lot of mountains so it's not easy walking.  But it's good exercise!  We didn't get a lot of people home in the early afternoon. But later on we went to someone Nanci had studied with before. Sabrina was able to rekindle the study which was really nice! The girl, Niema, braids hair so we are all getting our hair braided for memorial! Also we brought some fresh fruit home and in the bag was a giant cockroach!!!! I'm still not sure if it's dead....

   Friday we went into town. We had our first experience with transport. The bus was crammed with people. It was crazy busy in town because 4 cruise ships were coming in. It's so weird how people change how they treat you when they find out your not just a tourist. Everyone kept offering us taxis and tours, but they would stop pushing us and get excited when we told them we live here. We had lots of fun just looking around and grocery shopping. Shrimp is sooooo expensive. A small bag was $60 US! We also got the chance to help at the assembly hall.

   Saturday was another full service day. We started the memorial campaign. We placed many invitations. Mariah helped me start a study with a girl named............Kaelyn! She's school age and her best friend studies with Mariah. Then Mariah showed a group of little girls a Caleb video and taught them God's name. In the afternoon Mariah took us to her call,  Megan.  That poor woman has been through so much!  She recently has discovered her long-time boyfriend has been cheating. She's very upset but they have a one-year-old together. She doesn't want her little girl to be without a dad. Add to that, her brother was her closest confidant and he died in a tragic accident two years ago. We were able to encourage her as much as possible. We finished out our day by going on Mariah's study with Kaelyn's best friend,  Shonda.

   Today was the special assembly day. We got up at 5:30 to get ready. We were able to meet so many brothers and sisters today. Many special pioneers and missionaries were there. A 14 year old was interviewed who has 8 bible studies! The assembly hall is open air so that was a new experience!  Unfortunately I have to go to bed now, I'm so tired!

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