Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Last Full Week....Week 17

Oh my goodness! Hard to believe it's almost over! It seems so weird now to be going home. In a lot of ways this is home now. I whole life has changed. There are certain things I'm not sure I'll ever look at the same again. And I'm almost positive that i will try to greet everyone that I come across!

   So about my week. Monday Kaysh and I went out in service by ourselves. Emily had Chickungunya really bad and Mariah had to go to town to get her passport stamped. But we went to some of our calls. I had an awesome study with Kishma!!! Her mom sat in, the neighbor sat in, four kids sat in, and a baby! I showed the kids a Caleb video at the end and Kishma was so impressed that she's going to have me help her put them on her computer or her sister's phone. (they don't have internet to download the videos) We stopped at the Frances' to pick up some local goodies we had ordered. Then we visited Emmy. We came home and packed everything we possibly could!!!

   Tuesday was uneventful. Essentially, Kaysh and I had done all our calls in La Plaine the say before and it was too hot to go anywhere far. Wednesday was really nice! We got to work with the English girls again! I took Sabrina to Kishma's and we had another study! It was great again and she asked me to come back on Saturday. In the afternoon I got to go on Mariah's Bible studies. We ended by stopping at Crystalyn's for a short study. I love days of studies!

   Thursday we did our last round of laundry and cleaned up our place. Then we headed to the Kingdom hall. I couldn't stay for meeting. I was having horrible stomach pain! And I still can't figure out why. But Br. and Sis. Woodman drove me to their house to rest until the meeting was over and I could go home. That was so nice of them! Unfortunately I broke my perfect attendance record in Dominica.

   Friday I was feeling mostly better and we went to town for our final time! We ate baked goods first thing when we got there. Then we hit up the souvenir market. I've bought so much stuff from one of the girls that she gave me a free basket!!! They were all hugging us telling us to have a safe trip. Everyone there knows we are witnesses and really respect us. Next we went on an adventure to a furniture store. I know this sounds boring.....however there was glorious air conditioning and terrifically comfortable couches. It felt like the States. We tested the couches for over a half hour. Yes I'm aware how pathetic we've become! Haha. For lunch we had delicious shwarma. And we ended our day with juice at the ritzy Fort Young hotel. Twas a good day.

   We met the field service group from Delices on Saturday. They took us over to the territory in Morne Jaune to start invite work!!! We ended up having 14 publishers and we completed 3 territories! That's a lot considering how much walking is involved. I tried to visit Kishma but unfortunately she was busy doing wash because the rain had not allowed her to earlier in the week. But she was very excited for her study on Monday.

   Today was truly wonderful. It was our last meeting in La Roche. Of course that brought up bittersweet feelings. But the congregation was so warm and thankful in their goodbyes! Afterwards we went to Mariah's because she wanted to give us a special lunch to say goodbye. After a movie we all played uno together. In the middle of our game Mariah suggested we look outside. Kelvin and June had brought Auntie Sybil and Becky Didier over along with pizza and wings for dinner!!! It was a total surprise! They wanted to give a small going away party for us! They brought us coconut cheese to take home and Auntie Sybil made us hand stitched potholders!!!! It was so sweet! To end the day we cleaned out everything in our fridge and cupboards that we won't use to give to Mariah. I guess it's really happening.....we are coming home everyone!

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