Monday, July 7, 2014

Sweet (Week) 16

So close to coming home now! I have my moments where I wish I was home right now. And then I have my moments where I wish I had 4 more months. It's definitely bittersweet. But one thing I know, this will not be my last need-greater trip!

   Monday started off the week in an interesting way. I woke up at 4:30am to the sound of a mini hurricane. And then we were awakened again at 6am by our landlord. I really don't even understand what he was trying to tell me. Too early. We met up with Emily for service, but somehow ended up hanging out with James and Nanci. All day. I got to help Nanci peel coffee beans. And James made us some delicious dinner! Once we came home I got to Skype into my family's Family Worship! It was so nice!

   Nanci drove us to Mourne Jaune on Tuesday for service. I got to work with her on some of her studies. In the afternoon we hung out with Emily for a bit. Then we came home to watch movies.

   Wednesday I worked with Mariah. First we went to her study, Bertha. Then we visited Annette, my study. She wanted me to also teach the four boys that were there. So after watching a Caleb video, we studied a bit out of the Good News brochure. They all participated! After lunch, Kaysh and I went to a few of her calls. Then we met up with Mariah and went on a study with her. Before reaching home we visited with our neighbors and bonded with their dogs, Jackie and Puppy.

   Thursday was just a bad day for me. Our landlord really enjoyed waking us up by using foul language towards his dogs. And he was confused about how we do our laundry and told us we weren't allowed to do more than one load a week. That is until he called Marvelyn. She got after him a bit so he let us continue. But still told us not to do too many loads in a row otherwise the washing machine would burn up. (While he was away in London and his wife was home we would do up to 6 loads in a row and never had a problem.) Oh well. What can you do? Meeting was nice though, and the locals keep telling us they're gonna miss us.

   Friday we worked on the assembly hall. We cleaned the inside for the Creole convention this weekend. After we finished, we said our final goodbyes to the brothers and sisters that we worked with on the assembly hall. We went to town, did what we had to, and left extremely tired. Came home and packed some more before skyping my parents.

   Saturday we enjoyed service in Grand Fond. I worked with a local sister named Stephanie. We found some interest at every door! A little girl wanted to come back to La Plaine with me whether she had to ride or walk! We came home for lunch then went to Montgomery's for a bit to hang out. When we came home we nachos and I studied. That was basically our day. Yesterday we went to meeting which was enjoyable as always. And we came home and ate a bunch of food. It wasn't a very eventful day.

   Well our time left is definitely reducing. It's crazy how quickly this went by! I miss my friends and family so much! I can't wait to see you all :)

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